About us

Who we are

We are organizing this retail festival for the fourth year. We are not an event agency. It was originally set up as an event delivering a report on retail innovation. Today, we see that innovation is becoming a strong buzz word, sometimes a scarecrow for retail market players. But the market is moving forward, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t roll online, it changes because the customer matures, his tastes and needs and his knowledge mature. The thesis from the first year of our festival confirms that the “nice shop” will not bring any profit, just as the most modern technologies, without organic incorporation into the company processes and sincere use, money is wasted.

Event Mission 2020

Why again “THIS WORKS!” Because this makes us real sense. Sometimes even small things can work, which will ultimately bring a huge return. We do not have to play for technological innovators to implement useful changes and improvements to the store. We do not do it for trend, but for better customer service. That’s RETAIL INNOVATIONS, that’s our plan.

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