How to make the transition to a new backup recycling system in the store?

How to make the transition to a new backup recycling system in the store?

The organizing team of the successful Retail Innovations Conference wants to support retailers and share “best practices” on the hot topic of introducing the backup of disposable PET packaging and beverage cans. The system, which already works in various forms in several dozen countries around the world, awaits Slovak trade from 1.1.2022.

Traders had to accept a bill shifting the effectiveness of the Act on the Deposit of Disposable Beverage Packaging from 1.1.2023 to 1.1.2022. However, the pandemic brought a number of other responsibilities that further reduced the time and energy to prepare for the transition from the current system of separate packaging collection. In addition, the Ministry has not yet selected the Administrator of the advance system, which is to finance the entire system and will decide on the entire technical and logistical solution, including the most serious details. The Retail Innovations Conference is preparing a series of online events for 2021, where it wants to shed more light on this topic.

“Legislators have shifted responsibility to the business and its suppliers. What will be the cost and what exactly traders are waiting for, how to set up processes is still unclear. It was precariousness and more questions than answers that inspired us to use our energy and skills to find answers, solutions, and share knowledge, ”says Tibor Tabery, co-organizer of the Retail Innovations Conference.

„We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Backup systems (DRS) work and run successfully abroad and increase the recycling rate of beverage packaging. We therefore approached foreign operators, traders and the leader of technical equipment, who can explain key aspects of the project. For example, TOMRA was the first company in the world to introduce a reversing machine and today it is already locating its equipment in 30 countries, ”says Martin Kadleček, Executive Director and Organizer of RIC Conferences.

According to the cited Act, the deposit system should be set up in such a high quality that it can collect 77% of plastic bottles by 2024. From the point of view of retail, it is important to plan and build the entire environment well in advance with the vision of fulfilling these ambitious goals of collecting disposable beverage packaging. The date of 1.1.2022 is irresistibly approaching!

The Retail Innovatios Conference (RIC) is a professional festival that has hosted inspiring speakers in Bratislava since 2017 and shares practical, useful solutions for retailers from all over the world.

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