Rozhovor s Fredom Rutgersom o praktických riešeniach pre retail v Holandsku

Rozhovor s Fredom Rutgersom o praktických riešeniach pre retail v Holandsku

V nasledujúcom rozhovore s najčítanejším holandským retail blogerom pre rok 2018, Fredom Rutgersom, sa dozviete, ktoré praktické riešenia fungujú pre retail v Holandsku.


Could you tell us what are some practical solutions that work for retailers in Netherlands? 

„In Holland Retail is all about customer experience and making the emotional connection. Customers want to understand why you are doing what you do and what is in it for them. It is no problem that the roof is leaking as long as the explanation about why the roof is leaking is watertight. If you can not explain why customers should choose your shop to spend their money, than why should they choose for you? The solution for this is asking yourself some questions and come with carefully constructed answers to those questions!

Here are some examples;

  • Who are my key target groups and that have I to offer them that nobody else can offer?
  • What is the customer journey I can offer my various target customer groups? What are the various steps my target customer groups go through during their customer journey and what improvements can I make in Any of those steps in order to improve conversions?
  • Which different types of customers visit my shop and what are their leading buying motives. How can I train my staff to use the right sales arguments in order to connect with the relevant buying motives of every customer?

If you do not dare to choose your target customer groups, than why should they choose for your shop? Not everyone can be your customer! If the story about your shop is too vague, the story will not work. So choose and be chosen!“


What will your presentation be about, why should slovak retailers come to see your presentation?

„My presentation will be about how to build a successful brand story about your shop. How to attract more customers with the right story. What are simple ways to build the story, how to tell it to the right customers and how to get them to tell your story to as many people as possible. If you know how to do this, you will see it will bring you more customers, more turnover and as a result more profit!

What you will learn from this presentation can make a significant change in how you can make more money with less worries!“